MSROP Showcase

MSROP Showcase Presenters

Improving Shoulder Health for Persons with SCI through an Ergonomic Wheelchair

Major: Kinesiology | Mentor's Department: Divisions of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science

Cooperativity of mutations in the stabilization of a PET-degrading enzyme

Major: Neuroscience | Mentor's Department: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biophysics and The Biotechnology Institute

Exploring the Feasibility of using the Temporal Artery as a Mechanical Proxy for Aortic Wall Mechanisms

Major: Biomedical Engineering | Mentor's Department: Biomedical Engineering

The Influence of English Language Proficiency and Social Capital on Hmong Children’s Academic Performance

Major: Family Social Science with a Concentration in Family Therapy | Mentor's Department: Family Social Scienc

The Effects of Wage Increases on Judicial Corruption

Major: Political Science | Mentor's Department: Political Science

Quantifying the Relationship Between Atmospheric CO2 and the Ocean Heat Content

Major: Mathematics | Mentor's Department: Mathematics

Modeling Triple Transient Transfection and Synthetic Transfection for Recombinant Adeno-Associated Virus Production

Major: Biomedical Engineering | Mentor's Department: =Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (CEMS)

Young, Autistic, and Surviving a Pandemic: Self-Assessed and Parental Views of Social and Emotional Health Among Autistic Youth During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Major: Psychology | Mentor's Department: Family Social Science

Phenotypic Analysis of the Actbcg/Actg1-/- Cell Model

Major: Life Science and Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies | Mentor's Department: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics

Investigating Neurofeedback as a Novel Treatment to Alcohol Use Disorder

Major: Biomedical Engineering | Mentor's Department: Psychiatry and Neurosurgery

Investigation of Coping Strategies During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Major: Neuroscience | Mentor's Department: Psychology

The Application Of Yoga In The Lives Of African-American Women

Major: Kinesiology | Mentor's Department: Kinesiology

The role of 3D acculturation in the eating habits of two Black U.S. immigrant groups: A case study of Jamaican American and Somali American adolescents

Major: Psychology | Mentor's Department: Institute of Child Development

Introducing FIVE: a framework for Flexible, Interactive, Virtual Environments

Major: Computer Science | Mentor's Department: Computer Science

Forward Kinematics of a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot with Pose Estimation Error Covariance Bounds

Major: Aerospace Engineering | Mentor's Department: Aerospace Engineering

Centering War in Asian American Movement Building

Major: Sociology, minors in Asian American and African American Studies | Mentor's Department: African American and African Studies

The Effects of Hospital Closures on Infant Health

Major: Political Science B.A., Sociology B.S. - Policy Analysis | Mentor's Department: Division of Health Policy and Management

Parenting Stress Is Associated with Parent Attitudes Towards Toddlers During COVID-19

Major: Developmental Psychology | Mentor's Department: Institute of Child Development



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