Undergraduate Research Scholarship (URS)

Undergraduate Research Scholarships (URS) are awarded by the University Admissions Office to prospective freshmen. If you have been awarded a URS scholarship you were notified as part of your admissions award package. The scholarship includes two payments of $700 deposited directly into your financial aid account, and up to $300 for research expenses.

URS students are given a scholarship for a research project done in conjunction with a faculty mentor. Projects can either be based on your idea or can be centered around a faculty mentor’s already existing project.

In a URS project, you: 
  • Explore academic interests beyond the classroom
  • Get hands-on experience with research or creative production
  • Develop student-faculty relationships for professional references
  • Acquire academic and professional skills and credentials
  • Refine your academic and career goals
Program Requirements
  • Students must submit an application (includes an application form, faculty mentor recommendation form, and proposal) prior to beginning the research and may not start the research until the application has been approved.
  • Scholarships must be used in the first two years of college study. Students must complete their research projects by the end of the summer following their sophomore year.

Scholarship Eligibility
  • Prospective freshman at the University of Minnesota, notified as part of your award package. 
  • Students cannot participate in a URS and UROP during the same semester. However, once the URS project is complete, students are eligible and encouraged to apply for a UROP scholarship.
  • If you are a current University undergraduate seeking financial support for research - look at the other opportunities available here.