Office of Undergraduate Research Central Staff

Vicky Munro, Coordinator
(contact for general research/UROP , IUROP and URS assistance)

Heidi Fahning, OUR Graduate Assistant
(contact for URS assistance or MSROP questions)

Paul Siliciano, Director


College UROP Coordinators

For questions specific to your college, please contact your college UROP Coordinator listed below. These people are excellent resources for information on many things including finding a faculty mentor, writing a good proposal in your discipline, and opportunities to present your research results. For a list of specific UROP Coordinator responsibilites, click here.

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

College of Biological Sciences
Jacob Moore, Undergraduate Research Coordinator
3-104 Molecular and Cellular Biology

Cross-Collegiate and University College
Joshua Borowicz, Director
Individualized Degrees, CCE
101 Wesbrook
(612) 624‑4000

School of Dentistry
Joel Rudney, Professor
Diagnostic/Biological Sciences
17‑238 Moos Tower
(612) 624‑7199

College of Design
Kady Johnson
CDES Student Services
12 McNeal Hall

College of Education and Human Development
Nicole Shopbell
Undergraduate Education
131 Burton Hall

College of Food, Agricultural & Natural
Resource Sciences
Bill Ganzlin, Director
Student Services
190 Coffey Hall
(612) 624‑6768

College of Liberal Arts
Wendy Nicholson-Kotas, Coordinator
Individualized Degree Programs
30 Johnston Hall
(612) 624-8006

Carlson School of Management
Theresa Taylor
Carlson Undergraduate Studies
1-105 CarlSMgmt Bldg
(612) 626‑7268

School of Nursing
Ann Garwick
Office of Nursing Research
5-140C Weaver-Densford Hall
(612) 624‑1410

College of Pharmacy
Daniel Harki, Associate Professor
Medicinal Chemistry
2-139 CCRB
(612) 625‑8687

College of Science and Engineering
Erin Parsons, Student Services
105 Lind Hall
(612) 626‑2070

College of Veterinary Medicine
Mark Rutherford, Associate Professor
Veterinary Biosciences
295 Animal Science/Vet Med

University of Minnesota Crookston

Barbara Keinath, Vice Chancellor
Academic Affairs
307 Selvig Hall
(218) 281-8341

University of Minnesota Duluth

College of Liberal Arts
Olaf Kuhlke,  Associate Dean
UMD Liberal Arts Admin.
329 Cina Hall

School of Business & Economics
Angie Soderberg
Internship Program Director
111P Labovitz School of Business & Economics
Building, (218) 726-6118

College of Education & Human Service Professions
Fay Maas, Associate Professor, Psychology
117 Bohannon Hall
(218) 726-8338

School of Fine Arts
Arden Weaver, Assistant Dean
212 Humanities Building
(218) 726‑8780

College of Science & Engineering
Marc Seigar, Associate Dean
140 Engineering Building
(218) 726-6704

University of Minnesota Morris

Sylke Boyd, Assistant Professor
2315 Science

University of Minnesota Rochester

Carolyn Privet-Chesterman, Admin. Specialist
300 University Square


Undergrad Research Advisory Board

The board is charged with focusing on expanding the opportunities for undergraduate research at all levels of the University. This includes but is not limited to advising the Office of Undergraduate Research and UROP, identifying new research opportunities and new faculty members willing to mentor undergraduates, enhancing the undergraduate research infrastructure, and promoting the Undergraduate Research Symposium.


Robert B. McMaster, Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education


John Carlis, Computer Science and Engineering
Derek Frank, Undergraduate Student
Connor Clemenhagen, Undergraduate Student
Lucy Dunne, Design, Housing, and Apparel
David Feinberg, Art
Jonathan Gewirtz, Psychology
Thomas Hoye, Chemistry
Claudia Neuhauser, Office of Informatics Institute
Paul Siliciano, Director of Undergraduate Research
Vicky Munro, UROP Coordinator, ex-officio