Vicky Munro




Twin Cities


Contact for general undergraduate research, UROP, IUROP, and GC UROP

Call: 612-625-3853
Email: [email protected]

Education Background:

  • B.A. American Indian Studies; Studio Arts
  • B.S. Elementary Education
  • M.A.  Criminal Justice Studies
  • PhD  American Studies (all University of Minnesota!)

Research Interests/Areas/Accomplishments:

My research is in the area of crime and culture.  I have written a book on the role of public images of those considered Other through history and the impact image can have on treatment (Hate Crime in the Media; A History).

My Advice for How to Get Involved in Research:

Start with your interests.  What do you find exciting?  What do you want to discover more about?  Getting into research starts with you and your ideas and from there, you choose the path to finding a project.  When do you want to start a project?  Who do you want to work with in terms of a faculty mentor?  The Office of Undergraduate Research is here to guide you through your journey.  Our website has a lot of information and OUR staff love talking to students about their ideas and what kind of research they are considering!  Come and talk to us.