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Why Mentor?

Minnesota Undergrads are Exceptional. Minnesota undergraduates are bright, inquisitive and academically highly capable. Our best undergraduates are equal to the best undergraduates at any university in the United States or the world.

It is a Win-Win. It provides faculty with highly motivated research assistants and the students get a first-hand opportunity to experience research at the U of M.

Foster a Mentor/Student Relationship. Professors have few opportunities to work closely with undergrad students on research. Many mentor/student relationships continue beyond UROP. Mentoring a student through graduation and into their professional lives may prove to be very rewarding!

Faculty Mentor FAQs

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Faculty Mentor FAQs

What counts as research?

Research projects may be undertaken in any academic area. We consider research to be any scientific, scholarly, or creative activity that leads to:

  • The production of new knowledge
  • Increased problem-solving capabilities (including design and analysis of a research project)
  • Original critical or historical theory and interpretation

Minors Involved in Research

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