Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

Eligibility Requirements

  • enrolled in an undergraduate degree-seeking program at the U of M
  • enrolled for at least 6 credits during the semester you are doing the project (summer awardees must be enrolled for 6 credits for the semester before and after the project)
  • in good academic standing (not on academic probation)

Program Details

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Program Details

Program Structure

Research: UROP provides funding for students to complete 120 hours of research under the mentorship of a faculty member. Students can work with any faculty at the University of Minnesota and do not have to work with someone in their major or even their college. Depending on the academic discipline and faculty mentor, students can join an already established research project or create their own research project. Students set their own timeline for completing their projects, although most complete their UROP in a semester or over the summer.

Mentorship: Students work closely with faculty mentors throughout their undergraduate research experience. Students gain valuable connections and skills and faculty are provided with talented undergraduates for research assistance.

Presentations: At the conclusion of the program, each student who received a UROP award must publicly present their research. From the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium to publishing work in MURAJ, UROP students have countless opportunities to share their work.

Ending Requirements

The ending date of your project and the date that your ending requirements are due is listed on your award letter.  In order to receive your final stipend, you must complete both parts below.  This MUST be done by the last day of the month prior to your graduation if you are graduating at the end of your project.

Part 1: Student Evaluation

In order to complete your UROP project and receive your second stipend, you must submit the UROP Completion Form. In this form, you will submit your:

Fill out your Completion Form

Note: All sections must be completed at once. You cannot save the form and go back at a later time.

Part 2: Faculty Verfication Form

It is your responsibility to notify your faculty mentor to submit the verification of completion form by your ending date as stated on your award letter. Your final stipend cannot be processed until both final requirements are met. 

See Faculty Verification Form

Application Process

Steps to Apply

  1. Write a project proposal (what is this?)
  2. Fill out the online application
  3. Have your faculty mentor submit the Faculty Recommendation Form

Application Review Process

Application deadlines are firm and extensions are not allowed under any circumstances. The applications go through a two-step review process. First, the applications are reviewed by a panel of college-specific faculty and ranked. Then, the Office of Undergraduate Research reviews and makes final decisions of who is awarded funding. The entire process takes 8 weeks and decisions are conveyed through email.

Funding Details

There are two parts of UROP Award Funding:

1. UROP Scholarship Stipend
$1,800 for 120 hours of research, paid through financial aid*. The first $900 will be awarded at the beginning of your project and the final $900 will be awarded once all four ending requirements are met.

*Because the stipends are paid through financial aid, you must be able to accommodate the payments in your academic year financial aid package. If you have total cost of attendance already covered, a UROP scholarship might reduce a loan or other scholarships. check with one-stop if concerned.

2. Expense Money
Up to $300; a detailed list must be given on the UROP application to account for the cost of supplies requested.

Note: All UROP expenses are handled through your faculty mentor's department. The accounting team receives a copy of your approved expenses. Your award letter lists the contact person in the department, and any disbursement questions should be directed to them.

Program Expectations

What counts as research?

Research projects may be undertaken in any academic discipline in any college. We consider research to be any scientific, scholarly, or creative activity that leads to the production of new knowledge, original theory, creative works, unique analysis, and/or interpretation.

Planning to apply?

To be considered for a UROP award, it is expected that...

  • you have identified a faculty member who has agreed to be your faculty mentor on your project.
  • you have written a project proposal based on either a project based on your own idea or a project centered around your faculty mentor's existing project.
  • your project amounts to 120 hours of work (typically done over the course of one semester).
  • you have reviewed the UROP application requirements and complete the UROP application in its entirety by the deadline.
  • you are only submitting one UROP application per application round.
  • you are submitting an independent, unique application if you are a part of a research group.

Awarded a UROP?

Congratulations, it is expected that…

  • you will NOT receive course credit or other payment for the project
  • you are not exceeding two UROP awards during your entire undergraduate career (this does not count other OUR programs such as URS, GCUROP, etc.).
  • you understand and agree to complete the four UROP Program ending requirements.

Projects & Expenses NOT Funded

Projects NOT Funded Through UROP:

  • Paid Training: OUR does not fund individual training, coursework, or conference attendance as preparation for a UROP project.
  • Research for College Credit: If you are interested in doing research for credit, consider Directed Research/Study.
  • Hiring of employees: OUR will fund the compensation of human subjects, but no other payments to research assistants/interns/employees/etc. 
  • Projects without a specific research question, methodology, and analytical component, including, but not limited to, basic lab work, data entry, creation of websites, and literature reviews. 

Reasons Funding is NOT Awarded:

On average, 75% of UROP applications are approved, but here are some common reasons for non-approval:

  • Unclear research question and/or area of focus
  • Methodology is too ambitious for timeline or lacks details
  • Proposal doesn't follow requirements and is poorly edited
  • Unclear what role the student will contribute to the broader faculty-driven project
  • Project is not considered research and would be better suited for directed research or work-study (see more here)
  • Student is not eligible

Need to request an extension of your project completion date?

Extensions are given on a one-time basis for up to one semester only. Students may not extend grants beyond the last day of final exams in the semester of graduation.

Download Extension Request Form

Frequently Asked Questions about UROP

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Frequently Asked Questions about UROP

Who is eligible to participate in UROP?

All undergraduates from any University of Minnesota campus in good academic standing may participate in UROP.  Students must be registered for at least six credits during the semester they will complete the project. If students are doing projects over the summer, they must be registered for at least six credits the semester before and after the project.

Do I have to have a faculty mentor before I apply or do you match me with a faculty?

You must have a faculty mentor before you apply for a UROP. Faculty mentors often help with your proposal and must fill out a recommendation form online as part of the application process. Although we don’t officially match faculty with students, OUR can be helpful in finding a faculty mentor.

Check out our tips for finding a faculty mentor.

Who can be a faculty mentor?

Anyone with a faculty appointment at the University of Minnesota may mentor a UROP. It doesn’t have to be a faculty member in your specific major, college, or campus. You are looking for someone with expertise related to the project/field you are interested in. Graduate students cannot be faculty mentors.

Do I have to come up with my own research, scholarly, or creative project?

No, you can work with a faculty member on his/her research project. However, you are also welcome to come up with your own idea.

I missed the application deadline but still really want to do research, what are my options?

UROP deadlines are firm to ensure the review process goes smoothly. Be sure to apply for the next deadline! In the meantime, explore other programs in the Office of Undergraduate Research or check if Directed Study/Research is a viable option for you.

I am in the humanities, design, or education fields, can I apply for a UROP?

Yes! The Office of Undergraduate Research supports a wide range of scientific and creative projects. We consider research to be the production of new knowledge. Check out past projects for great examples in these fields.

Can I get a UROP for my honors thesis?

Your UROP project and your honors thesis project may be parts of a larger project but they may not overlap unless you are only applying for UROP expense money. The UROP final report and presentation must be separate and unique from your Honors thesis.

Do I have to have a certain GPA to participate in UROP?

No. You have to be in good academic standing (not on academic probation) and it helps to have a good record of course completion and success. However, UROP does not have a GPA requirement.

Can I work on a group project?

Yes, a group of applicants may apply to work together on a project. However, each one must submit a separate and unique application. Each applicant will be judged individually so there is no guarantee that all the group members will receive funding.

If I am not a U.S. citizen, can I participate in UROP?

Yes. As long as you can accept a scholarship, you can participate in UROP. Many international students have participated in this program.

Is there an application deadline?

There are three UROP deadlines annually—in October for Spring semester projects, in February for Summer/Fall semester projects, and in July for fall semester projects. Deadlines are firm.

I am really struggling in writing my proposal, who can help me?

Your faculty mentor is the best resource to help you write your proposal, as they know the discipline-specific language that you need. The Center for Writing is a good resource on campus as well. The Office of Undergraduate Research also completes proposal reviews up until the Friday before each deadline.

If my UROP application gets accepted, how am I paid?

Students are paid $900 when their project begins and a second $900 when all four ending requirements are met.  The stipends are paid as financial aid so this can affect your FA package for the year. Check with One Stop if you have concerns. Expenses are paid through your department. Ask your Department Accountant questions about expenses.

What are the ending requirements and when are they due?

There are four ending requirements: a 2-3 page final report, an evaluation form, a presentation form reporting on the required public presentation, and a verification of completion signed by your mentor. These are due by the end date listed on your award letter.

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