Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) provides all University of Minnesota undergraduates, regardless of college, major or discipline, the opportunity to partner with a faculty member on a research, scholarly or creative project.  UROP gives students a chance to explore academic and career interests, apply classroom learning to real-time research and prepare for a career or graduate school while working closely with a U of M faculty member.  Students may work on a project of their own creation or take part in a faculty member’s existing project.

General UROP Process

Start the process of applying for a UROP award well before the deadline.  It takes time to find a faculty member and design a project.  No mentor wants to be approached at the last minute.

1. Choose a research topic or have a general idea of your research interests
2. Find a faculty mentor
3. Complete application materials

    • an application form,
    • faculty mentor recommendation form,
    • and proposal

4. Submit your application materials by the posted deadline.

    • NOTE: These deadlines are firm and late applications will not be accepted.  You may not start your research until approved.

5. Once approved, you will receive your first $750 in your student account at the beginning of your project and up to $300 worth of project related expenses.
6. Carry out your research (about 120 hours of work)
7. Finish your research and submit your final materials 

      • final report,
      • final evaluation form,
      • verification of presentation,
      • verification of completion form signed by mentor

8. Receive second $750 in your student account

Program Overview

UROP is a twice-yearly program that undergraduates must apply for by a set deadline in order to receive an award.  All undergraduates, in any college, in good academic standing are eligible to apply.  Students partner with a U of MN faculty member on a research project.  Scholarships of $1,500 are awarded to those approved and are paid at the beginning and completion of the project.  Projects can either be based on your idea or can be centered around a faculty mentor’s already existing project. You do not have to work with a faculty member in your major or even in your college.