Grant-in-Aid of Research, Artistry, & Scholarship UROP

Eligibility Requirements

Faculty members who receive grant in aid awards from the Vice President for Research office are eligible for two GIA UROP students for each of the years the award covers.  Faculty are responsible for choosing their own students although OUR may forward names of interested students from time to time.  Once a faculty mentor and student have determined the student's project, an email should be sent to [email protected] requesting the application materials.  Applications should not be submitted through the regular UROP application link.

Student eligibility includes:

  • approval from a faculty member from one of the GIA Research Grants
  • enrolled in an undergraduate degree-seeking program at the U of M
  • in good academic standing

For any questions, please contact Vicky Munro at [email protected].

Program Details

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Program Details

Program Details

Research: This is a research mentorship program of 120 hours of research on one of the GIA research grants

Mentorship: Each faculty mentor/team may receive 2 undergraduate GIA UROP awards each year of the grant to provide assistance with the research.

Presentations: At the conclusion of the program, each student who received a GIA UROP award must present their research in a public forum.

Application Instructions

Application Instructions

Identify one of the GIA Grants that you're interested in and email Vicky Munro ([email protected]) to get more information about the grant, available positions, and faculty mentors. There are no deadlines but availability may vary.



A GIA UROP award includes a research scholarship of $1800 for 120 hours of research.

The stipend is paid through financial aid; the first $900 will be awarded at the beginning of your project and the final $900 will be awarded once all four ending requirements are met.

There is no expense money provided with a GIA UROP award; expenses will be paid by the mentor.

Ending Requirements

Ending Requirements

The ending date of your project and the date that your ending requirements are due is listed on your award letter.  in order to receive your final stipend, you must complete both parts below.  This MUST be done by the last day of hte month prior to your graduation if you are graduating at the end of your project.

Part 1: Student Evaluation

In order to complete your GIA UROP project and receive your second stipend, you must submit the UROP Completion Form. In this form, you will submit your:

Fill out your Completion Form

Note: All sections must be completed at once. You cannot save the form and go back at a later time.

Part 2: Faculty Verification Form

It is your responsibility to notify your faculty mentor to submit the verification of completion form by your ending date as stated on your award letter. Your final stipend cannot be processed until both final requirements are met.

See Faculty Verification Form