For UROP Coordinators

UROP Deadlines

In general, UROP deadlines are set for the second Monday in October (spring projects), the third Monday in February (summer projects) and the last Monday in June (fall projects). This deadline is for students to submit their applications and proposals.

Once the deadline has passed, faculty mentors have one week to submit their recommendations. When those are all in, it usually takes a day or so for OUR to make sure all applications are complete before opening the files up to the colleges for review.

The upcoming deadlines are:

  • February 21, 2022 for summer 2022 projects
  • June 27, 2022 for fall 2022 projects

UROP Review Process

Colleges typically have three weeks to review applications once they are complete. It is expected that each application will have at least two reviewers. College reviewers must be given permission to access the files so each round the Coordinator needs to update OUR on any additions or subtractions to the review committee. Some committee members have found it difficult to find their files, so we have recorded a video tutorial on how to find your UROPs to review.

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Collegiate Review + Rubric

There is a rubric agreed upon by the colleges and OUR that should be generally followed when reviewing applications. Once colleges have completed their review process, they send the cover sheet for each student and an additional non-approval form for those they are turning down back to OUR electronically. OUR would like these in one file that makes it possible to print all cover sheets for the college at once.

Final Review

OUR does a final review (taking into consideration things like the need for IRB or IACUC approval, incomplete previous UROP awards, whether the student has already been awarded the maximum two awards, and whether the project is actually research). In addition, funding limitations sometimes necessitate that applications approved by the colleges must be turned down at the central level.

Notification of Decisions

At the end of the OUR review, all students will either be notified that they are approved, not approved, or pending which means they will be approved when they have completed missing requirements such as IRB approval or the completion of all ending requirements for a previous award. At this time, OUR will also notify all college coordinators of the review results for their colleges. If additional students have been turned down, a copy of the non-approval form will be sent to the coordinator.

About the UROP Ending Requirements

At the end of a UROP project, students must submit a 2-3 page final report, fill out an evaluation form, and submit information about the required presentation. Faculty mentors need to submit a verification of completion. All of these materials are to be submitted on the UROP page through the link under Ending Requirements. Students may not receive their final stipend payment until all materials, including the mentor portion, are submitted. For students graduating at the end of their projects, they must be done with all ending requirements by the end of the month prior to graduation as we are not able to pay them once they graduate.

Coordinators Group

Current UROP coordinators are listed here. Particularly for those who are new to the process, it can help to ask questions of each other as well as of OUR. Typically, OUR will schedule a meeting with all UROP Coordinators once each semester via Zoom so that the coordinate campuses can take part.