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The I-UROP program is managed by the Learning Abroad Center. Any questions about this program should be directed to Jessica Hartnett ([email protected]) in the Learning Abroad Center.

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Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be enrolled as a degree-seeking undergraduate student on the Twin Cities or Rochester campuses, in good academic standing
  • Must maintain a minimum of 13 credit enrollment status per semester or maintain the minimum program credit enrollment determined by your study abroad program

International UROP FAQs

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International UROP FAQs

Who is eligible to participate in an IUROP?

Students must be degree seeking undergraduates in good academic standing enrolled for at least 13 credits (or what constitutes full time status according to your program abroad) from the Twin Cities or Rochester campuses.

Who is my primary contact for questions about IUROP?

The Learning Abroad Center is your first point of contact. Once you have gone through their application process and have been accepted and are in your country, you will be contacted by the Office of Undergraduate Research to turn in the specific application describing your project.

When is my specific application due to OUR?

Once you have been in the country for a short time, you will receive an email from OUR with information and forms to apply for your specific project. These are due approximately a month after your semester abroad begins (you will be given an exact date along with the forms).

How am I paid, and does this affect my financial aid?

IUROP recipients get an award of $2,000 which is posted into their UMN account at the beginning of the semester abroad. This payment is a scholarship and may affect your FA package so check with One Stop if you have concerns.

Is there an application deadline for IUROPs?

Yes. Deadlines are typically in early May and late October for the following semester abroad. Applications are due by 11:59 p.m. on the deadline date; late applications will not be accepted.

What are the ending requirements and when are they due?

There are four ending requirements: a 2-3 page final report, an evaluation form, a presentation form reporting on the required public presentation, and a verification of completion signed by your mentor in the country where you did your research. These are due within two weeks of the end of your program abroad.

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