Keemarr McKinney-Van Buren

The Application Of Yoga In The Lives Of African-American Women

Exploring the relationship between sedentary behavior and health risks within Black women, this paper's primary focus is the assessment of how physical activity (via yoga) can offset prevalent health issues and positively affect the individuals' long-term wellness. In response to the Feasibility Clinical Trials of Mind and Body Interventions for NCCIH, YogaMoves was created to be a 10-week pilot study that prioritizes preliminary data collection through specifically testing the feasibility acceptability, safety, and target outcomes. To test the aforementioned, Black women who deal with issues such as hypertension & immense stress were brought in to speak about what they'd need to feel absolutely comfortable with joining the pilot study; I sat in as an assistant moderator and took notes as to what was said from each individual, eventually using this information to create a transcript of all that was said in the meeting. Preliminary analysis of the qualitative data went on to show that there were trends from the focus group(s), many needed to have a concrete time before committing to the program, representation of their racial identity in the yoga instructor, and clarity on the storing & use of their salivary cortisol for data collection. After the focus groups were held, all of the prevalent themes were tallied and will be taken into account for when the Yoga Moves sessions begin in 2022.