Undergraduate Research Symposium

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Symposium Details

Abstract/Title Updates

You can update your project title and abstract until Monday, April 11 by emailing ugsymposium.umn.edu. 


  • Session 1: 10:00 to 11:30 am
  • Session 2: 12:00 to 1:30 pm
  • Session 3: 2:00 to 3:30 pm

Each session will be split into two 45-minute segments. There will be 45 minutes to stand at your poster and present your research and another 45 minutes to walk around and learn about your peers' research.

When you click on Find a Presenter, you can find your page and see your session and board assignments. Within each session, odd numbers will go first, then even numbers second. However, you are welcome to stand by your board whenever you'd like during your session (regardless of your number). We ask that you stay for your entire session time.

You are encouraged to invite your faculty mentor(s), research group, peers, friends, and family. 

Presenter Check-In

Student presenters are expected to check-in at the registration table outside the Great Hall during the 30-minute check-in period before their session. At check-in, students will get a nametag and assigned poster spot to hang their poster. Pins to hang the poster will be provided. 

Presentation Format

For the in-person event, student presenters should create and print a research poster to present their research. Students should talk to their faculty mentor if they have questions about how to prepare their poster and what should be included for their specific field. 

Dress Code

While there is no required dress code, student presenters are encouraged to dress in professional attire. Consider dressing how you would for a job interview. 

Symposium Modality


If you do not want to participate in an in-person event for health reasons or otherwise, consider submitting your research to the University of Minnesota’s Digital Conservancy (UDC) to meet your UROP or URS presentation requirement.  

Preparing Your Research Poster

For the in-person event, student presenters should create and print a research poster to present their research.

Research Poster Tips

Poster Size

There are no strict guidelines on poster size. You will have a 6ft x 6ft board to hang your poster on. Most students create posters that are close to 36x42 inches. Check with the printer you're planning to use to see if there are maximum sizes you should consider. 

Poster Templates

Find previous UROP and other undergraduate posters here. For more examples and assistance with creating your poster attend one of our workshops or follow this presentation.

Poster Design and Content: Consult Your Faculty Mentor

Students should talk to their faculty mentor if they have questions about how to prepare their posters and what should be included for their specific field. 

Printing Your Poster

Printing Your Poster

You can print your poster by any vendor, print center, or print lab of your choice. There are some free and discounted options offered each year, with their own deadlines and details. The deadline for the free printing option for Spring 2022 has passed. 

Discounted Printing for CBS Students

CBS students get a discounted rate of $2.50/sq ft for poster printing through the University Imaging Center. 

Other Printing Options

There are many outlets to print your poster, check with your research mentor to see where they recommend. Some campus printing options include: 

Presenting with a Partner or Group

If you are planning to present your research with a research partner or in a group, keep these things in mind: 

  • each individual must submit an individual registration form AND list the partners or group members on the registration form when prompted. 
  • each partner and group member must select the SAME session on the registration form when prompted. 
  • partners and group members can submit the same project title and abstract on the registration form
  • partners and groups must design and print ONE poster and present it together at the symposium. All students must attend the symposium during the same session and be present.

If have done your project in a partnership or group but want to present individually, simply register as an individual and don't select that you are presenting with others. 


There will be no judging component to this semester's symposium.

Get Permission to Share Research Publicly

Students must confirm with their faculty mentors that they are able to present their research in a public space.

Symposium Partners

Office of Undergraduate Education
The Office of the Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education provides support to students and the Office of Undergraduate Research.

University Libraries + University Digital Conservancy (UDC)
The University of Minnesota’s Digital Conservancy (UDC) provides a permanent and searchable home for your research paper or poster.  Hosted by the U of M libraries, this option for presentation is available year-round.

Minnesota Undergraduate Research & Academic Journal (MURAJ)
MURAJ is an academic journal dedicated to the academic research of undergraduate students. It is a student-run publication that strives toward a diverse representation of work from all subjects and fields. Students are encouraged to submit research in a variety of formats and platforms, whether it be by text, photo, or video.