Clara Finger

Letters of recommendation are commonly used in selection processes. Previous studies have found differences in language and length of recommendation letters by gender, particularly in programs and careers related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The purpose of this study is to examine gender bias in letters of recommendation in terms of the letter’s length and subsequent quality. This meta-analysis combines the existing literature on length of recommendation letters by gender of the writer and target.

Isabel LaLonde

The ability of native plants to regenerate following removal of the hybrid cattail, Typha x Glauca, depends on the quality of the existing seedbank in a given area, and dense Typha stands may degrade the seedbank. Studies involving seedbank assessment in areas invaded by Typha have been conducted in coastal wetland ecosystems but not in inland lake ecosystems. In this study, soil cores were taken from three sites on inland lakeshores in southeastern Minnesota for the purpose of assessing their seedbank composition. Two of these sites were invaded with Typha x Glauca and one was uninvaded.

Jacob Weiner

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a neurosurgical intervention that reduces some parkinsonian motor symptom severity, but its effect on parkinsonian speech is not as consistent nor reliable. Both STN/GPi DBS can impair certain modalities of parkinsonian speech reducing activities of daily living dependent on intelligible and dynamic speech. The added speech impairments under STN/GPi DBS can result in further social isolation and a worsening of one’s mental health as the capability to verbally communicate is lost over time.

Grace Hertzog

The U.S. Supreme Court makes decisions about some of the most important legal issues facing the nation, from same-sex marriage to gun rights, to freedom of speech. Recently, with the overturning of Roe v. Wade (1973), many more people than usual seem to care about the Court's decision making process. For justices, who sit on the bench for life, these public views may not matter much as the justices never have to face reelection. But do the justices care what the public and the press think about them and the Court more generally? To answer this question, I used Justice Harry A.

Rafael Avelar

The emerging field of passive Non-line-of-sight (NLoS) imaging aims to reconstruct a scene hidden from the camera’s field of view by observing indirect light reflected off of a wall. A drawback of some NLoS imaging methodologies in the context of real-life applications is the presence of clutter, or unwanted signals that impede reconstruction attempts of hidden sources. Multispectral analysis combined with signal processing techniques called Blind Source Separation (BSS) have been shown to be a valuable tool in mitigating clutter and improving NLoS reconstructions.

Jin Hong Kuan

With the rise of blockchain-based decentralized finance (DeFi), many core assumptions that inform existing theories of money are actively challenged. In particular, as automated market making (AMM) technologies and asset fractionalization achieve greater adoption in the crypto space, allowing for near-instant and low-friction swaps between different on-chain assets, the line between assets and money is becoming increasingly blurred. In this paper, we detail one attempt at defining what constitutes money on the blockchain by explicitly modeling transaction friction (e.g.

Marie Lundgren

This paper will focus on the primary mechanisms which have uniquely shaped the reverberations of the Armenian genocide and diaspora in the midwestern United States, in order to elucidate the work that the Armenian genocide and diaspora ask of Armenian Americans living today. I am interested in how the “baggage” of Armenian ethno-religious-cultural background instructs identity within an Armenian collectivity, an American collectivity, as well as individual identities across these often competing categories.

Sarah Kamsin

This project researches the impact of government regulation on cryptocurrency investors. The research suggests that cryptocurrency will continue to evolve to include banking, retail payments and legal tender.

Connor Corsini

As autotrophic organisms, plants are able to take up inorganic forms of nitrogen and carbon from the environment and synthesize organic compounds. The main forms of nitrogen that plants take up are nitrate (NO3-) and ammonium (NH4+). Plants take up ammonium using transporter proteins in the AMT/MEP/Rh family. In this study we analyzed the transport function of a previously uncharacterized AMT, which we termed SmAMT1. This transporter is from the lycophyte Selaginella moellendorffii.