Multicultural Summer Research Opportunities Program

Program Details

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Program Structure

Research: This is a full-time research opportunity of 35 hours of research a week. Depending on the discipline and the faculty mentor, scholars will either participate in an established research project or will create and develop their own research project with the faculty mentor.

Seminars: In addition to conducting research, MSROP scholars are required to attend 5 hours of seminars a week focusing on research skill development, graduate school preparation, and personal development. Find a sample syllabus here.

Cohort-based Model: Through social and networking opportunities with a cohort, scholars develop a network of supportive colleagues and program staff throughout the summer and beyond. 

Program Goals

MSROP is directed by four goals:

  • to encourage undergraduate students to give graduate education serious consideration following completion of their undergraduate studies;
  • to provide talented students with faculty mentors who will introduce them to the methodology of the chosen discipline by involving them in research and scholarly activities;
  • to create an environment in which the participant and the faculty mentor will be able to assess realistically the student’s potential for and interest in graduate studies; and
  • to provide a sense of community among the students and an opportunity to develop the networking skills important to building professional bonds within the community.

To work towards these goals, the MSROP program focuses on three principal components (Faculty Mentorship, Graduate School Preparation, Research Skill Development) in the course of the ten-week period.

Application Process

Steps to Apply

Complete the online application. The application includes the following: 

  1. Demographic information, academic information, research interests, and faculty mentor information. 
  2. Ask for two letters of recommendation from faculty, academic advisors, or anyone who is familiar with and can speak to your academic interests and performance. You'll enter their names and email addresses on the application form. They will be notified after you submit your application to submit their letters directly to MSROP. ***For letter writers, please write a brief letter speaking to how you know the applicant, their ability to participate in an intensive research experience, and their potential benefit from participating in a cohort-based graduate school preparation program. Please submit your letter in a PDF format named [LastName of Applicant_2022LOR] by email to [email protected]
  3. Upload a Personal Essay (maximum of one page, single-spaced) that includes the following information:
    • Why you wish to participate in this research program and any background that supports your request to participate (i.e. research experiences, coursework, internships, etc.)
    • State the research topics that interest you and that you would like to pursue in this program
    • Describe your post-graduate goals and your plan to achieve them (i.e. graduate school, ideal employment, etc.)
    • Save the essay as a PDF with the following file name: Lastname_Firstname_2022_MSROP_Statement
  4. Upload your U of M transcript (can be unofficial) to the online application.

Application Review Process

Applications will be reviewed throughout March, with select candidates contacted for interviews in late March. The 30-minute interview process is another step to identify the strongest candidates, not a guarantee of acceptance. Notification of selection (through email) is early April. 

Funding Details

Each participant will receive a $4,000 stipend for personal and research expenses. An additional research stipend is assigned to the faculty mentor for use by the student.

The personal stipend is received in installments over the ten-week period into the scholar's student account.

Ending Requirements

Students are required to complete their final paper, final presentation, an exit interview and an evaluation of the program prior to receiving their final stipend check.

Poster Presentation: At the conclusion of the program, each participant will prepare a poster and oral presentation to be shared with other students, faculty, administrators, and family members at the campus-wide Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Final Paper: Each student must submit a final research paper according to discipline norms by the end of the program

Exit Interview: Scholars are required to meet with program staff at the end of the program to develop a plan for continued support throughout the rest of their undergraduate career. 

Frequently Asked Questions about MSROP

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Who is the ideal MSROP candidate?

We are looking for motivated individuals from a wide variety of academic disciplines who intend to apply to a research-based graduate program. We seek students who want to take advantage of a variety of resources  

How will I know if my application is recieved?

We will send you a confirmation email; however, it is your responsibility to make sure your application is complete. If you are unsure, send an e-mail to [email protected].

How many students are accepted into MSROP?

10-15 students (based on funding)

How will I be contacted?

You are contacted primarily by e-mail. Be sure the e-mail you put on your application is one you check regularly.

Is there a scholarship or stipend for participating in the program?

Yes, each student will receive a $4,000 stipend for personal and research expenses. An additional research stipend is assigned to the faculty mentor for use by the student.

The personal stipend is received in installments over the ten-week period into your student account.

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