Anna Janzen

Session 3
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Determining the release threshold for a population replacement gene drive

Engineered Genetic Incompatibility (EGI) is a method to create postzygotic barriers to reproduction. One application for EGI is to use it as a threshold-dependent gene drive to replace a local population. This type of gene drive must exceed a critical threshold in order to spread to fixation and eliminate the wild-type genotype. Here, we created a method to estimate the release threshold for two EGI Drosophila melanogaster lines using one generation of gene drive data and a mathematical model. We found that both EGI lines, A3.7 and N17.1, had a threshold over 50%. Additionally, we found that the two lines tested differ in their fecundity and mating preferences. These results will help us to understand the factors that impact the release threshold for gene drives.