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Past Project Examples

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Past Project Examples

Biological Sciences

Sample Proposal #1 Sample Proposal #2

Agronomy & Plant Genetics

  • Pollen Viability and Germination of Northern Wild Rice (Zizania Palustris L.)

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biophysics

  • Optimizing the Parameters for the Consensus Approach to Protein Stabilization
  • Effects of Human APOBEC3A in a Novel Cancer Model
  • Determining the Inhibitory Effect of CaM and FKBP12.6 on Cardiac Calcium Release Channel Model of Heart Failure
  • Engineering HUH Endonucleases to Direct DNA Sequence Specificity
  • A Proof-of-Concept Study to Develop the Reporter-Based Assay for Identification of Potential Senotherapeutics


  • Using Phenotypic Traits in Brassica Rapa to Measure Abiotic Stress Response
  • Metal Contaminants in Floral Nectar
  • Investigating the Enzymatic Activity of Nectar Protein NmNec3 and Pigment Precursor Properties in the Color-Changing Nectar of Nesocodon Mauritianus

Ecology, Evolution & Behavior

  • Predicting the Ability of Amino Acid Auxotrophic E. coli to Regain Biosynthetic Capabilities
  • Examining How the Toxic Cross-Feeding Relationship Between Escherichia Coli and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Affects Escherichia Coli Evolution
  • Investigating and Comparing the Effects of Oxytocin on the Social Behaviors of Male and Female Cheetahs
  • Investigating the Genetic Basis, Composition, and Relative Fitness of Various Phenotypes of Multicellular ‘Snowflake’ Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

Genetics, Cell Biology and Development

  • Quantitative Analysis of Polygenic Risk Scores and Microbiome Diversity as Predictive Models of Complex Disease
  • Burning the Fat to Boost Longevity: Testing the Mechanisms of Drosophila Lifespan Extension via Lipid Remodeling
  • Unlocking a Capsaicin Pathway in Tomatoes Through Deconstructed Viral Vectors


  • Investigating the Role of ApoE 4 in Postsynaptic Deficits in Parkinson’s Disease Dementia
  • Chemogenetic Inhibition of Nucleus Accumbens PV+ Interneurons Modulates Opioid Induced Reward-Related Behavior
  • To Examine Roles of Microglia in Early Brain Development


  • Investigating the Long Term Neurological Effects of Hyperglycemia in Mature Brains and the Effects of a High Fat Diet on Hyperglycemia
  • Optimization of Gene Editing to Affect Monocyte Activation and Differentiation
  • Myogenic Analysis of DUX Family Genes DUXA and DUXB
    Breastmilk Fungi and Establishment of the Infant Gut Mycobiome
  • Investigating Methylene Blue as a Facilitator to Reverse the Effects of Developmental Iron Deficiency


  • Structure-Activity Relationship Study of a Novel N1-Biphenyl Fluoroquinolone With Anti-Proliferative Activity
  • The Role of the Alpha6 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Subunit in Alcohol and Nicotine Consumption
  • The Influence of SLC39A8 And HGFAC on Acute Alcohol Behavior and Metabolism
  • The Role of HGFAC on Alcohol and Nicotine Consumption in Mice

Plant Biology

  • Examining the Role of MET1 in the Setaria Viridis Methylome
  • Investigating Fungal Interspecies Competition in Ectomycorrhizal Communities
  • Exploring Rapid Evolution of Early Post-Germination Allocation Strategies in Clarkia Santiana ssp. Santiana in Response to the Recent California Megadrought

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Sample Proposal

Architecture and Landscape Architecture

  • Photographic Bias in Architecture
  • Reconceiving Juvenile Rehabilitation
  • IN | OUT, Dreaming-Nature
  • Indoor-Outdoor (The Vast Divide Between Out And In)

Design, Housing, & Apparel

  • Creating a User Experience and Interface for Underrepresented K-12 Children to Promote Design and Making
  • Light and Well- Being: An Analysis of the WELL Building Standards
  • Defining Gender Neutral Fashion
  • Post Occupancy Evaluation In Design
  • The Application of Eye-Level Marketing Theory to Idea Selection During Team Based Brainstorming Sessions
  • Translating IR Spatial Positioning Circuitry to Softlines 2019

Education & Human Development

Sample Proposal #1Sample Proposal #2

Child Development

  • Shared Reading: Black and White vs. Color Book
  • Examining the Association Between Positive Self-Concept and Immune Functioning
  • Phonetic and Semantic Features in Young Children's Foreign Word Learning

Educational Psychology

  • Struggling to Succeed

Family Social Science

  • Early Childhood Family Education Staff Perspectives Toward the Integration of Technology
  • Prevention of Human Trafficking with Migrant Workers and Their Family  

Institute of Child Development 

  • Bridging Transitions: Formation of Attachment Among Children in Childcare Settings


  • Sensitivity to Changes in Dynamic Affordances for Walking
  • Comparing Total and Regional Body Composition Measurements Between a Handheld Electrical Impedance Myography Device and Dual X-ray Absorptiometry
  • Investigating the Effects of Exergaming on College Students’ Psychosocial Outcomes
  • The Role of Chromaticity in the Visual Control of Stance


  • Ethnographer Analysis of the Court Systems

Sports Management

  • The Examination of Women Coaches in Ireland: A Report on Third Level Sport Institutions 2017-2018

Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resource Sciences

Sample Proposal #1 Sample Proposal #2

Agronomy & Plant Genetics

  • Identifying the Optimum Planting Depth of Kernza Cultivars in Three Minnesota Soils
  • Evaluating Allele Frequencies at a Seed Shatter Locus in Natural and Cultivated Stands of Northern Wild Rice
  • Developing a Naturally Derived Bioherbicide to Control Garlic Mustard

Animal Science

  • Modern Alfalfa Varieties Population and Stem Counts to Predict Yield
  • Pilot Study to Investigate the Effect of Individual Versus Pair Housing During the Preweaning Period on Dairy Calf Well-Being
  • Examining Microbial Environments Present in Dairy Cattle and Dairy Hutches
  • Role of Nuclear Actin Polymerization in Regulating Non-Cell Death Etosis in Airway Epithelial Cells Exposed to Fungal Allergens.

Applied Economics

  • The Economics of Renewable Energy in Minnesota


  • The Effect of Pesticides on the Behavior of Native Pollinators
  • Edible Insects - The Food to Save the World

Fisheries & Wildlife

  • The Influence of Snow Pack on Canid Space Use in Altered Landscapes
  • Northern Goshawk Nest Site Characteristics in the Black Hills National Forest
  • Robot-Assisted Conservation Research on Two Federally Endangered Mussels: Observational Data Needed to Reveal life History Requirements
  • Survival of Two Strains of Stocked Walleye (Sander Vitreus)

Food Science & Nutrition

  • To Isolate Bacteriophage from Ready to Eat Foods Such as Salad or Deli Meat and See if Bacteriophage Can be Found That Kill Listeria
  • Detection of a Population-Specific Mutation in a Zinc Transporter Gene Using Blood DNA and qPCR
  • Importance of Diet and Cooking Knowledge from Childhood to Collegiate Years
  • Protecting Food Flavorings from Deterioration

Forest Resources

  • The Relationship Between Pine Barrens Knowledge and Acceptance of Barrens Restoration Strategies
  • Where Will the Ash Wood Go? Gaining Forest Industry Perspectives on the Use of Ash Wood in Anticipation of Emerald Ash Borer
  • Using Stable Isotopes and Fallout Radionuclides to Track Winter Precipitation
  • Impacts of Experimental Warming and Drought on Tree Stomatal Density and Size

Horticultural Science

  • Development of Tuber Stachys as a Potential Vegetable Crop
  • Evaluation of Interspecific Compatibility in Perennial Flax
  • A Comparison of Hydroponic Cultivation Systems for Commercial Hop Production
  • Introgression of the Non-Native Invasive Knotweed on the St. Paul Campus of the University of Minnesota
  • Intraspecific Pollen Tube Competition
  • Differences in Cover Crop Biomass Production Across Planting Methods
  • Assessing Cold Hardiness of Two Kiwi Berry Species (Actinidia Arguta and Actinidia Kolomikta) by Microscopically Comparing Cold Damage in Shoot Tissues

Soil, Water, & Climate

  • Soil “A” Horizon Development Relative to Plant Community Diversity and Agricultural Abandonment
  • Microbial Community Structure and its Effect on Nitrogen Cycling Dynamics in a Kura Clover Living Mulch System
  • Evaluating Enzyme Activity in Agricultural High Tunnels Compared to Open Fields in Minnesota and Kentucky
  • Impacts of Earthworm Invasion on the island of Ta’u in American Samoa

Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences

  • Domesticated Birds Take Down P. Tenuis
  • Evaluating Chronic Wasting Disease Testing Methods in Minnesota

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Liberal Arts

Sample Proposal #1 

Sample Proposal #2 

Sample Proposal #3


  • The Price of Legitimacy: Representation, Self-Perception, and Organizing Strategy at el Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en la Lucha


  • The Liquid Architecture of Fantasy
  • Exploring Narrative through the Storyteller, Written Text, and Visual Art
  • Touch Board: New Technology’s Potential for Making Art Interactive
  • Assimilation and Pleasure in the Archive
  • Voice to Vision
  • Imagining the North Country, 1600 - 1900

Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature

  • The Media Coverage of Sanctions and Its Implications


  • Price Discrimination in a Perfect Information Inelastic Setting: A Case of FAFSA and Higher Education


  • European Christian Pilgrimage to the Holy Land During the Early Modern Period

French & Italian

  • 'Where Were the Women?' The Story of the Women Who Collaborated in France 1940 – 1944
  • Linguistic Change and the Urbanization of Roman Markets


  • Deep Learning Computer Vision Tree Ring Detection
  • Impact of Contraceptive Availability and Knowledge on Desired Family Size and Spacing in Niger


  • Dight Institute Archives and The History of Eugenics
  • The Role of Black Feminism Within the Black Power Movemen
  • Illustrating an Emperor: Understanding the Life and Reign of Maximilian I Through Theuerdank
  • The Denmark Vesey Conspiracy: Conceptualizing Crime and Religion in Slaveholding Societies
  • The Discovery, Acquisition, Authentication, and Distribution of Christian Relics in Europe and the Holy Lands in the Premodern Era
  • The Effects of Coca Production on 21st Century Latin American Development
  • Making the Makers: Conceptualizations and Representations of the Pregnant Body in Shakespeare’s World
  • American Expertise and Yugoslavia’s Tourism Industry During the Cold War
  • Doing Digital History: Twenty-First-Century Methods for Researching the Past

Institute of Linguistics

  • Lexical Restrictions on That-Trace Effects in Indonesian
  • The Long Term Impact of the SSBI CARLA Summer Institute Course

Journalism & Mass Communication

  • The Emerging Trend of Brand Ambassadors and Influencers
  • Multitasking Part 2: The Effectiveness of Advertisement on a Cross-Cultural Population

Political Science

  • Paris Agreement and MENA
  • Changing Perceptions of People with Disabilities Activism, Protest, and Narrative
  • Examining School District Consolidation and Urbanization- A Case Study of White Bear Lake School District
  • The Unintended Effects of Global Nonproliferation Policies on the Value of Nuclear Weapons to Norm-Defying States


  • Women and Minority Experiences of Workplace Bias
  • Trauma History, Attachment Dimensions, and Relationship Quality
  • Neurodevelopmental Outcomes Following LPS-Induced Inflammation
  • Enhanced Neural Coding and Sound Perception in Musicians
  • Internal Attributions of Control in School Age Children and Subsequent Perceptions of Control During Stress in Adolescence
  • Interaction Between Goal-Driven and Habitual Behavior in Visual Search
  • Understanding the Role of Trauma on Social Decision-Making and Trust
  • Pitch Perception of Complex Melodies at High Frequencies
  • The Role of Cultural Values in the Empowerment of Latina Womxn
  • Relationship Between Impulsivity and Bipolar Spectrum Disorder Among College Students

Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

  • Standardizing the Viscosity of Common Liquids for Pediatric Dysphagia Patients Using IDDSI Testing Protocols
  • Establishing Standardized Thickening Recipes Using Infant Cereals to Reach Consistent Viscosity Levels for Infant Feeding
  • Standardizing Treatment Viscosity Recipes for Pediatric Patients With Dysphagia
  • A Comparison of Patient and Clinician Attitudes Towards Remote Adjustment of Self-Fit Hearing Instruments

Theatre Arts & Dance

  • Mental Health Visibility Through Performance: An Integration of Dance and Psychology
  • Embodiment of Technique of Innovation on Nationalized Dance
  • Embodiment of Aesthetic through Indigenous Memory

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Science & Engineering

Sample Proposal #1 Sample Proposal #2

Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics

  • Aircraft Flutter Suppression using Conic-Sector-Based-Control
  • Attitude Control of a Spacecraft Flexible Appendage Using Parallel Feedforward Control
  • Improved Low-Cost Real Time Tracking System Using Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs)
  • Motion Tracking with an Absolute Orientation Sensor
  • Evaluating the Accuracy of Conventional Drag Prediction and Validation Methods for Small Electric UAVs


  • Infrared Observations of Variable Stars and Transient Astronomical Events
  • Observation of Variable Stars in Infrared

Biomedical Engineering

  • Development and Validation of the Subject-Specific Computational Models Using Electrophysiological Single-Unit Activity
  • Subject-Specific Modeling of Epidural Spinal Cord Stimulation for Paraplegia
  • Understanding the Role of Fibrinolysis Inhibition in Cell-Laden 3D Fibrin Networks
  • Direction of Information Flow in Working Memory Network in Humans
  • Characterization and Modulation of Cellular Distribution and Protein-Protein Interaction of Fused in Sarcoma (FUS)
  • Predicting SCD through multi-scale nonlinear-dynamics-based risk stratification
  • Development of a FRET-Based Biosensor to Monitor the Pathological Protein Aggregation in Parkinson’s Disease

Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering

  • The Removal and Transfer of Excess Nutrients from Wastewater to a Biochar Fertilizer
  • Evaluating the Water Quality Impacts of Floating Treatment Wetlands in a Stormwater Retention Pond
  • Biogas Production and Upgrading Through Solid State Anaerobic Digestion Food Waste and Bioelectrichemical Treatment of Leachate
  • Investigating Interactions Between Mucor and Plant Roots
  • Conversion of Paper Mill Residues to Fermentable Sugars
  • Growing Selenium Nanoparticles on Ceramic Materials for Mercury Removal
  • Solid-State Fermentation of Feather Meal to Produce More Sustainable Animal Feed

Chemical Engineering & Materials Science

  • Characterization of Phase Transitions in Non-Equilibrium Many-Bodied Systems
  • Optimization of Biomass Waste-to-Energy Supply Chains with Modular and Mobile Production Units in Minnesota
  • Engineering Cellular Metabolism to Improve Function of NK Cells for Cancer Immunotherapy
  • Deterministic Integrated Production and Maintenance Scheduling Incorporating Various Equipment Health Models
  • Gelation Temperature as a Function of Percent Allylation in Aqueous Methylcellulose Solutions
  • Analysis of Crack Patterns in Drying Silica Suspensions and Hydrodynamic Interactions with Active Matters
  • Ion Gel Gating with Boron Nitride Buffer Layer in Strontium Stannate Thin films
  • Effect of Channel Morphology on Capillary Flow
  • Processing of Spatially Gradient Nanocrystal Films
  • Synthesis of Copper Indium Sulfide (cis) Quantum Dots
  • Engineering Substrate Stiffness to Enhance Hepatocyte Differentiation from Embryonic Stem Cells


  • Developing a Method to Select Training Sets for an Active Space Selection ML Classification Mode
  • Characterizing Gas Sensing Proteins in M. tuberculosis Through X-ray Crystallography
  • The Reactivity and Redox-Induced Nucleation and Growth of Goethite on Synthetic Aluminum Substituted Hematite Nanoparticles
  • Optimization of a BET Family BRD4 Domain 1 Inhibitor as a New Anti-Cancer Agent
  • Synthesis, Characterization, and Adsorption of ZIF-8 Nanoparticles on a Macroporous Support Using Rhodamine B and Methylene Blue Dye
  • Difunctionalization of Arenes from Aryne Intermediates Generated by Diradicals
  • Synthesis of [24]azacyclacene
  • Optimization of Solid-Contact Potassium Ion-Selective Electrodes Made with Colloid-Imprinted Mesoporous Carbon
  • The Relationship between Heme Redox Potentials and Activity in TB Dormancy Signaling
  • A Light Activated Cancer Drug
  • Characterization of Organocatalysts with Enhanced Electrophilic Activities via UV-Vis Spectroscopy

Civil, Environmental and Geo Engineering

  • Manipulation of Fluvial Bathymetry Through Yawed Porous Grids
  • Comparative Study of Los Angeles Abrasion and Impact Loss to Other Standard Aggregate Toughness Tests
  • Effect of Cement Fineness on Fresh Grout Properties with Admixtures in Post Tension Grout

Computer Science & Engineering

  • Incorporating Semantic Information to Improve Surface Normal Prediction
  • Empirical Study of the Spread of Misinformation in Social Networks
  • Controlling Growing Tasks via Altering the Secondary Agent Ratio
  • Designing a Computer Game for the Empirical Study of Human-Robot Collaboration
  • Reconstructing 3D Human body model from 2D images using HUMBI (Human Multiview Behavioral Imaging) dataset
  • Application of the Diving by Inflation Variation Engine
  • Transferring Solutions for Machine Learning Based Collision Avoidance from Simulation to Real Life
  • Detection and Tracking of Key Facial Points
  • Development of Autopilot Control System Design Framework for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) - Parametrization and Validation with EdgeBot
  • Failure Detection and Diagnosis for Underwater Robotics Using Neural Network Optimization and Onboard Sensors and Software
  • Strafing Gain: A Novel Redirected Walking Technique in Virtual Reality

Electrical & Computer Engineering

  • Selenium (IV, VI) Reduction by Fungi Under Oxic Conditions
  • Exploring Morphological Patterns in Diurnal Raptors Using 3-D Beak Data
  • Replication of a Referenced Setting Using Non-Prehensile and Prehensile Movements of the Robot Arm
  • The Design of the Topological Insulator Using LC Networks Circuit
  • Using DNA Strand Displacement to Implement Binary Logic Operations
  • Using SAT Solvers for the Synthesis of Acyclic Logic Functions
  • Optimization with Cyclic Combinational Circuits: Design, Analysis, and Synthesis
  • The Flexible Solar Cell
  • Efficient Digital Filters Using a Hybrid Binary-Unary Number Representation
  • An Investigation on the Efficiency of Wide-Band Gap Devices in Grid-Tied Inverters

Industrial and Systems Engineering

  • Scheduling Analysis of an M Health Outpatient Clinic

Mechanical Engineering

  • Microfluidic Fabrication of Solid-shelled Capsules Using Paraffin Wax
  • Numerical Investigation of Plasma-Assisted Gas Reforming
  • Isothermal Compressed Air Energy Storage System
  • Improving the Preservation of Bioprinted Tissue
  • Characterizing Freezing Response for Natural Killer Cells
  • Short-Term Energy Storage Solution for the Hybridization of Hydrostatic Transmissions in Wind Turbines
  • Development of a High Throughput Plate Reader Based hHINT1 Kinetics Assay as an Alternative to Classic Fluorometric Assays
  • Design and Synthesis of a ssDNA-based SuFEx Probe Targeting APOBEC3B Cytosine Deaminase

Physics & Astronomy

  • Study of Low-Q² Resonance Suppression to Reduce Systematic Uncertainties on NOvA Experimental Results
  • Measuring the Switching Window of Ferromagnet-InSb Nanowire Quantum Devices in MuMax3 Simulations
  • Investigating Cosmic Ray Acceleration Mechanisms in Blazars Using X-rays
  • Hydrodynamic Simulation of Stellar Core Convection
  • To Study the Effects of Atmospheric Oxidation on the Dark Conductivity of Free Standing Nanocrystalline Thin Films
  • Role of Surface Doping Layer in a Two-Dimensional Electron Gas
  • Democratizing Cryogenics: Determining the Feasibility of Manufacturing a Low Cost, Self-Sufficient Liquid Nitrogen System
  • Optimization of Stretched Exponential Model for Amorphous Semiconductor Alloys
  • Anneals and Growth of HgBa2CuO4+
  • Growth, Characterization, and High Pressure Behavior of Potassium Doped Bismuthate Crystals
  • Measurements of Carbon Dioxide Diffusion Rates in Thin Film Plastics

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