Pauly Soulia

Determining the Effects of System Operating Parameters on Gas Extraction Rate of a Novel Wastewater Treatment System

This project explores the gas extraction process of a novel anaerobic wastewater treatment process, the Modular Encapsulated Two-Stage Anaerobic Biological (METAB) System. This system employs a hollow-fiber membrane to remove H2, CH4, and CO2 gas from the anaerobic reactors. To maximize the opportunity for energy reclamation, the effects of changing system flowrate, vacuum pressure, and fluid temperature on the gas extraction rate of H2 and CH4 are of interest. Because a parametric understanding of the effects of changing system parameters is desired, a model for the extraction of gases from liquid using a hollow-fiber membrane was created and verified for the extraction of H2, CH4, and a mix of the two gases from pure water. Experimental data collected for the extraction of H2 from pure water and extraction of CH4 from pure water both suggest that increasing linear flow velocity through the membrane will increase the total gas extraction rate, but decrease the percentage of H2 or CH4 in the extracted gas. An increase in vacuum pressure across the membrane, or the temperature of the fluid will increase the gas extraction rate and percentage of H2 or CH4 in the extracted gas. The model predictions for gas extraction rate agree with the experimental data with an average 15% error, and an average R2 value of 0.94.