Student Researcher Checklist

1. Determine research project

You can either create your own research project under faculty guidance or assist faculty members with their existing research projects.

2. Find a faculty mentor

Approach a professor, search the Experts@UMN database, look at faculty pages on departmental websites, or contact the UROP office to find a faculty mentor in your interest area.

3. Set expectations with mentor

Talk with your faculty mentor and set clear expectations for your roles in the research project. Discuss timeline, expenses, time commitments, research best practices, special permissions.

4. Discuss budget expenses with mentor

Be sure to address a specific budget for expenses if items are needed. You can request up to $300 in expense money. Get the department accounting information from your mentor as you will need this for your application.

5. Write proposal

Ask your mentor for tips on how research proposals are typically written in your field. Follow the proposal guidelines. If you are working with another student on a joint project, each student must write a separate and unique proposal.  Don’t forget your references!

6. Submit application form and proposal online

Go to and click the “Apply Now” button. If you get stuck on any part of the application, you can “Save As Draft”, log out, and come back later. Complete the application and check your inbox for a confirmation email. The application form and proposal are part of the complete application.

Apply Now

7. Remind mentor to submit recommendation online

Make sure you faculty mentor submits his/her recommendation form before the application deadline.

8. Present your research and complete all requirements

In order to be done with your project and receive the second stipend payment, there are four ending requirements that must be met.  These include a presentation of your research, an evaluation form, a three page final report and submission of the Verification of Completion form signed by your mentor.  See the list of presentation opportunities or find the necessary forms.