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Award Set Up

Financial management of UROP expense awards is accomplished in the EFS using a chartstring that includes:

  • Fund: 1000
  • DeptID: appropriate for the faculty mentor for the project
  • Program: 20083
  • FinEmplID: the student awardee's ID number

A combo edit for Program 20083 requires a Fin EmplID value in the chartstring for every transaction. The standard process for adding a Fin EmplID for a student to the EFS is for the department managing the funds to submit a separate BPEL COA value request for each student. However, for UROP awards, the UROP Office will request the setup of the BPELs directly to Accounting Services. Departments should not submit these requests.

Expense Reimbursements to Departments

The UROP Office will transfer expense money for awards at the end of the fiscal year in which the award takes place. This money will be transferred to one departmental account based on the department's Dept ID and one Empl ID number and can then be split among awards at the departmental level. This is the same system that has been in place for expense awards.

Departments need to request the funds by July 31 each year. The transfers will be made in July/August depending on when the requests are received. If a student award runs over the fiscal year, we will transfer the portion that applies to the current year in July and the remaining portion the following year.

Any overspending on a student’s account will be the responsibility of the department.

FAQs for Accountants

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FAQs for Accountants

Do students with a UROP, URS or GC UROP receive payments through Student Employment?

No. Students with awards in these programs receive their stipend payments through Financial Aid. These are paid as scholarships and do not run through departmental accounting. Students who receive a UROP, URS or GC UROP award should not be on payroll at the same time.

How are expenses paid for UROP and URS awards?

Unlike stipends, expenses run through the mentor’s department. The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) sets up the BPELs for each student. The mentor’s department is responsible for setting up a chart string for each student’s expenses. Students may only spend money on the items approved in their award letter (copied to the departmental accountant).

(GC UROP awards have no awarded expenses)

What is a typical chartstring for a UROP award or URS award?

1000-Dept ID - 20083-Empl Id

How are departments reimbursed for UROP and URS expenses?

At the end of each fiscal year, OUR will send a chart out to departmental accountants listing the students in the department with awards.  Accountants need to fill out the amount of expenses spent for each student (within the limits stipulated in each award letter) and return the chart to OUR with one chartstring for reimbursement.