Undergraduate Research Scholarship

The Undergraduate Research Scholarship (URS) is dedicated to enhancing the academic experience of University of Minnesota students by providing first and second-year undergraduates scholarship funding for participating in the research and creative work with faculty and staff. The program has been designed to promote partnerships between students and mentors and early career experience in hands-on research.

Undergraduate Research Scholarships (URS) are awarded by the University Admissions Office to prospective freshmen as part of your admissions award package. Scholarships must be used in the first two years of college study.

Program Timeline

general process

Learn more to see how the URS program and research process works from identifying a research topic to giving your final presentation. This entire process must take place before the end of the summer following your second year.

Program Overview


Read over this brief overview to better understand what the URS program is and how to get the most out of your URS experience.

Application Process

application process

Students must submit an application prior to beginning the research and may not start the research until the application has been approved. Follow these steps to guide your application process.

Special Permissions Projects

special permissions

If your project involves Human Subjects, Animal Subjects, Harmful or Dangerous Substances or involves Travel Abroad, you need to make sure you have taken the appropriate steps to get these permissions as you prepare your URS application.

Key Dates

key dates

Learn more about the URS application, workshop, and presentation dates and deadlines.



Prospective freshmen at the U are notified of a URS award as part of your award package. A URS award includes a research scholarship of $1400 for 120 hours of research and supplies funding up to $300.

Past Projects

past projects

See a list of past projects and project proposals by undergraduate students and their faculty mentors. 

Ending Requirements


Once you have reached the end of your 120-hour project, there are four ending requirements that must be completed in order for you to complete your UROP and receive the final $700 of your scholarship.