Application Process

It is only necessary to submit an application if you are applying for funding from UROP. If you are interested in conducting research for credit, contact your college about Directed Study.

Two separate online components are required to apply for UROP funding:
  1. Student application (includes written project proposal)
  2. Recommendation Form from the faculty mentor

Your application will be evaluated by several faculty members, and not all of them will be experts in your field. It’s important that you write your application in general terms and explain technical details. You should discuss your proposal extensively with your research mentor. It’s also a good idea to ask a friend who is unfamiliar with your proposed research to review the application and highlight areas of confusion.

The UROP staff is available to provide feedback and suggestions; contact our office to request an application review. (No reviews will be conducted the day before or the day of the deadline.) Remember, your research mentor should be your primary source of advice.

These sections must be completed on all applications:

Student Application Sections
  • Applicant information
  • Faculty Mentor information
  • Project title
  • Project description and goals
  • Project significance
  • Timeline
  • Background experience
  • Funds requested
  • Proposal Upload
Project Proposal Requirements
  • 3 pages in length
  • Double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins
  • Must contain an answerable research question
  • Make it clear what you are researching and the methods you will use to find an answer.
  • Be sure to describe the intellectual merit of your research. For sciences and technology (the medical sciences in particular), please make sure you have a clear hypothesis and explain the scientific merit of your proposed research.
  • Write a draft, have it reviewed by your faculty mentor, and leave time to revise it before the deadline.
  • No markup/comments
  • Citations and references are required. Use citation format suitable for your field. Must include references page.
  • File format: .doc (Microsoft Word) or .pdf
  • You must name your file (your .x500 is the username you use and the first part of your University email address): ".x500_UROP_Spring17.doc" or ".x500_UROP_Spring17.pdf"
Tips for writing your project proposal >>

NOTE Students may hold only one UROP scholarship at a time, and may only submit one application in each round. Past UROP scholarships recipients may reapply, but priority will be given to first­‑time applicants. Past award recipients must have completed all final project requirements before they will be considered/approved for another scholarship, although you may apply for a second UROP while still working on the first one.  UROP will no longer fund more than two awards for any individual student so if you have already received two UROP awards, you may not apply for a third

NOTE If more than one student in a given faculty member’s research group is applying for UROP funds to work on a closely related project, each student must complete their own application addressing both the project as a whole and their individual contribution to that work. If both students will be working on the same project, each application must make this clear and describe the individual applicant’s role in the project. You may not submit identical or near-identical applications.