Frequently Asked Questions

What would I present? 
Most, but not all, presentations are based on projects associated with research done with a faculty member or research group on campus. Many students build presentations around a UROP project, directed research, an on-campus research job, a thesis, an independent study or a service-learning project. Work may either be completed or on-going. We also encourage students in the arts to propose displays, presentations, or performances of their creative work.

Which presentation type should I choose? 
There are different ways that you can present your work at the Symposium. The most common method used by students to present research is via a poster. We understand that undergraduate excellence comes in many forms. If you have an alternative idea, please ask!

  • Poster: Project information will be pinned up on a 6' x6' display board (pins provided). The maximum poster size is 48" wide x 36" tall (landscape format). For more details on how to prepare, design, and print your poster, click here.
  • Art, Digital or Project Display: Art, textiles, digital installations or other tangible products may be displayed. Projects may be accompanied by posters or project descriptions. Contact the Undergraduate Symposium Coordinator with any questions or to make special arrangements.
  • Performance: Dance, musical, or physical performances are allowed. Contact the Undergraduate Symposium Coordinator with any questions or to make special arrangements.

When do I present? 
There are three session times scheduled during the Symposium: 10:30-12:00 p.m.; 12:30-2:00 p.m.; and 2:30–4:00 p.m. In the registration form, you will be asked to rank your preference for presentation time. You are not guaranteed your first choice, however we will do our best to accommodate you. Session assignments will be posted online in early-April.

You are expected to check in 15 to 30 minutes prior to your assigned session and be present for your entire session time.

I’ve never done these kinds of presentations. How will I know what to do? 
All participants are required to have a faculty mentor or sponsor; he/she will be able to give you advice.  This is a time for you to present all of your hard work. Be prepared to explain and defend your research. Have fun with it!

What should I expect to have to do during my session time?
You will be in the Northrop Atrium with about 90 other students who are also presenting their work. Faculty members, staff, community members, Symposium judges, and other guests will be walking around the room asking questions and taking the opportunity to learn about your project. Come prepared to answer questions and explain your work. 

What should I wear? 
You are encouraged to wear professional/business casual attire. 

Can I present two projects? 
Yes, although we recommend that you not present two of your individual projects. In the past, however, students have presented a solo project and a project as part of a group.

Can a group present one project? 
Yes, we encourage both individual and collaborative efforts. Please include the names of all members of your project’s team when you fill out the online registration form. Each project only needs one faculty mentor.  Your group can present one poster together, however each group member must submit their own registration form.  You will be asked to list the names of your other group members on the form.

Can I present if my research will not be completed by April? 
Yes. You do not need your final results in order to present. Students can present research that is still in progress.

What if I registered, but no longer can attend the Symposium?
If you are no longer able to attend the Symposium on April 20, 2017, please email Vicky Munro at as soon as possible.