Presentation Details

A poster presentation is the most common way to share your project results, however you can choose an alternative method (performance, installation, digital presentation, etc).  If you choose to do a poster, see tips below.

Preparing Your Poster

  • Maximum poster size is 48 inches wide x 36 inches tall (86.36 cm x 121.92 cm) in landscape format.
  • Proof read your poster multiple times before printing.

Designing Your Poster

Creating posters in PowerPoint
The U of MN libraries provide help sessions in creating posters through PowerPoint. Find out more information here.

Tips and Resources for Designing an Effective Poster

Printing Your Poster

For UMTC students, you may print your poster for free in the Map library in Wilson Library. Posters must be submitted by Tuesday, April 11 at 5 p.m. to be printed for free. Posters submitted after the deadline will not be printed.

Posters printed at the Map Library will be printed up to 36" x 48". Posters must be submitted in PDF format and will be printed a the size the PDF file indicates. Please submit your printing early. Students will need to pick up their poster after they receive an email notification that the poster is ready.

Submitting Posters to the Map Library:

  1. Posters can be uploaded here. Use the upload button in the upper right corner, browse to your poster on your computer, and then click upload.
  2. Fill out the form here.

Hint: In order to size your slide properly in Power Point 2010, use the Design tab and select Page Setup. Input the appropriate dimensions for your poster (for example, 36" x 48" for a portrait setup or 48" x 36" for a landscape setup). Poster dimensions can be smaller than 36" x 48" if desired. Once you are done, you will need to save the file as a PDF before submitting it for printing.

CBS Students
CBS students can print their poster for free in the University Imaging Center in 23 Snyder Hall on the St. Paul campus. Please submit your poster by April 18, 2016.

CBS Senior Honors Students
If you are enrolled in BIOL 4961H you will receive instructions in class about uploading and printing your poster. Please email your instructors if you have any additional questions about posters and presentations for BIOL 4961H.

McNeal and Rapson Hall: Plotter Printing

Computer Labs in McNeal (St. Paul) and Rapson (East Bank) have large format printers.  You can print $3/linear foot using your Gopher Gold account on your U card. You will be required to trim or cut your poster accordingly.  Files must be saved as PDFs on a flashdrive.

Additional printing options include: