UROP Guidelines

  1. Deadlines are firm.
    Application deadlines are in early October (spring semester projects) and late February (summer or fall semester projects). All deadlines are firm. Applications are submitted through this website only and include an application form, three-page proposal, and mentor recommendation form.
  2. You may receive up to two UROP awards during your undergraduate career.  
    A first project must be completed before you will be considered for a second award.  Priority may be given to first-time applicants if a large number of applications are received in any round.
  3. One project at a time.
    You may submit only one application during each UROP round.
  4. If in a group, each must apply separately.
    If you are part of a group of students who plan to work on the same project, each student must submit a separate, unique, and complete application.
  5. Awards are paid as financial aid.
    UROP awards are paid as financial aid; you must be able to accommodate the $1500 scholarship in your financial aid package for the year.
  6. The project should amount to 120 hours of work.
    Your UROP project should encompass approximately 120 hours of work, typically during one semester.
  7. Cannot receive course credit.
    You may not receive credit for your UROP project.  You may not use an honors thesis as your UROP presentation.
  8. Must complete the ending requirements.
    All four ending requirements (final report, evaluation, presentation and verification of completion form signed by your mentor) should be submitted by the last day of your project as specified on your award letter.