Ending Requirements

Once you have reached the end of your 120-hour project, there are four ending requirements that must be completed in order for you to complete your UROP and receive the final $750 of your scholarship.  If you are graduating at the end of your project, these must be received by the last day of the month prior to graduation or you will forfeit the second stipend payment as financial aid cannot be added after graduation.

  1. Write a 3 page (double-spaced) final report
  2. Complete the evaluation form
  3. Present your work in public or have your work published and fill out the verification of presentation form
  4. Have your faculty mentor sign the verification of completion form

Please turn in all ending requirements to the Office of Undergraduate Research in 511 Bruininks Hall.

Keep in mind that when sharing research done in conjunction with your mentor's research, your mentor must approve the public presentation of the data/information you will be using.

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