General UROP Process

Program Overview

UROP is a twice-yearly program that undergraduates must apply for by a set deadline in order to receive an award. All undergraduates, in any college, in good academic standing are eligible to apply. Students partner with a U of MN faculty member on a research project. Scholarships of $1500 are awarded to those approved and are paid at the beginning and completion of the project. Projects can either be based on your idea or can be centered around a faculty mentor’s already existing project. You do not have to work with a faculty member in your major or even in your college.

General Process & Timeline

Start the process of applying for a UROP award well before the deadline. It takes time to find a faculty member and design a project. No mentor wants to be approached at the last minute.

  1. Choose a topic
    Choose a research topic or have a general idea of your research interests
  2. Find a faculty mentor
    Use these tips and suggestions to find a faculty mentor to work on your project with.
  3. Complete the application
    Complete application materials (includes an application form, faculty mentor recommendation form, and proposal)
  4. Submit the application online
    Submit your application materials by the posted deadline. These deadlines are firm and late applications will not be accepted. You may not start your research until approved.
  5. Receive first half of scholarship
    Once approved, you will receive your first $750 in your student account at the beginning of your project and up to $300 worth of project related expenses.
  6. Do the research
    Carry out your research (about 120 hours of work)
  7. Present your research and complete the ending requirements
    Finish your research and submit your final materials (final report, final evaluation form, verification of presentation, verification of completion form signed by mentor).  Final materials must be submitted prior to graduation as financial aid cannot be paid after that.
  8. Receive the second half of scholarship
    Receive second $750 in your student account

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