UROP Funding

Types of Funding

There are two parts of UROP Award Funding:

UROP Scholarship Stipend
Up to $1,500 for 120 hours of research; paid through financial aid; the first $750 will be awarded at the beginning of your project and the final $750 will be awarded once all four ending requirements are met.

Expense Money
Up to $300; a detailed list must be given on the UROP application to account for
 cost of supplies requested.

Projects/Expenses NOT Funded

  • Websites: The creation of websites because it does not constitute research under the UROP Guidelines.
  • Paid training: UROP does not typically fund individual training or course/conference work as preparation for a UROP project.
  • Research for College Credit: If you are interested in doing research for credit, consider Directed Research/Study.
  • Local Travel: UROP will not cover any travel under 50 miles one way. 
  • Purchase of computer hardware/devices
  • Hiring of employees: UROP will fund compensation of human subjects, but no other payments to research assistants/interns/employees/etc. 

All UROP expenses are handled through your faculty mentor's department. The accounting team receives a copy of your approved expenses.  Your award letter lists the contact person in the department, and any disbursement questions should be directed to them.

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