The Role of Cultural Values in the Empowerment of Latina Women

Among Latinx individuals, cultural values are seen as positive assets that may be protective factors (Armenta, et al., 2011; Sanchez et. al., 2017; Galanti, 2003). However, there is limited research on the cultural values that pertain specifically to the empowerment of Latina women. The present study sought to examine cultural values that may hinder or promote empowerment in Latina women as this connection to cultural values may be related to positive outcomes such as higher academic achievement, a greater sense of independence and belonging, and better mental health outcomes. In semi-structured interviews, Latina women shared their experiences with feeling empowered and discussed the cultural values that contributed to a sense of empowerment. We have completed 11 interviews and will conduct 5 more for a total of 16 participants. We hypothesized that the women would identify values such as familism, as well as mainstream values, such as independence, self-reliance, and personal achievement, as positively related to their sense of empowerment. This exploratory qualitative study is a stepping stone to better understand the experiences and contributing factors of Latina empowerment. The results of thematic analysis and implications of findings will be discussed.