Questions to Consider

Be sure that you have a research question and that the question is answerable. It should be clear to your readers what it is you are researching and the methods you will use to find an answer. Be sure to describe the intellectual merit of your research.

For those working in sciences and technology (and the medical sciences in particular), please make sure you have a clearly stated hypothesis in your proposal and that you have clearly explained the scientific merit of your proposed research.

Some questions to consider as you write your proposal are:

1. What is the context for your project and why is it important? What are the broader impacts of your proposed research? Does this research have practical application or public policy implications? Will it contribute to better understanding of questions important to human knowledge or culture?

2. What goals will it accomplish or what questions will it answer?

3. For creative projects, what aesthetic are you addressing? Why is your proposed creative project unique?

4. Describe as specifically as possible what you will do during your research or creative activity. What comes first? What are the next steps? Why is your plan realistic and achievable? What contingency plans do you have if this does not work as expected?

5. What is the outcome of your research or creative project? How will you disseminate your new knowledge? For creative projects, what will you produce?