For Faculty Mentors

The University of Minnesota is a leader in research, known for giving undergraduate students the opportunity to work alongside faculty engaged in scholarship. UROP's faculty mentors reflect that commitment by serving as dedicated guides, coaches, and facilitators for our research projects. 

Why Mentor?


Faculty-mentored research provides exciting opportunities for students to apply classroom learning to real-time challenges. 

Find a Student

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In most scenarios, students will actively seek out faculty to work with on their research projects. However, in some cases, you may want to search and initiate students to work with. Here are some tips and ideas for doing so.

Faculty Recommendation Form

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If you are working with a student on a UROP or URS project, you are required to submit a Faculty Recommendation Form for them before the application deadline. If you fail to do so, the students will not be able to be considered for the award. 

Faculty Mentor Checklist


Wondering what you should be doing as a faculty mentor? Here is a checklist of things to keep in mind while working with students and going through the various research programs processes.

Tips for Working with Students


Mentoring and conducting research with undergraduate students has the potential to be an extremely rewarding experience. Not only are you getting help on your projects, but you are able to make an impression on the next generation of researchers. 

Mentoring in UROP and URS

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These are specific resources and guidelines for being a faculty mentor in the UROP or URS program.