MSROP Program Structure


This is a full-time research opportunity of 35-40 hours of research a week. Depending on the discipline and the faculty mentor, students will either participate in an established research project or will create and develop their own research project with the faculty mentor.


In addition to conducting research, students are required to attend bi-weekly seminars focusing on academic, personal, and professional development. Find a sample syllabus here.


At the conclusion of the program, each participant will prepare a poster and oral presentation to be shared with other students, faculty, administrators, and family members. Students will be required to present at the campus-wide Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Final Paper

Each student must submit a final paper about the research that was conducted (to be submitted at the exit interview).

Exit Interview 

Students are required to complete an exit interview and an evaluation of the program prior to receiving their final stipend check.

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