Faculty Mentor Checklist

Set expectations with student.

Talk with your student and set clear expectations for your roles in the research project. Discuss timeline, expenses, time commitments, research best practices, special permissions (IRB, IACUC etc.). Remember, this may be the student's first experience participating in a research project.

Discuss budget expenses with student.

Be sure to discuss a specific budget for expenses if items are needed. Through UROP and URS, your student can request up to $300 in expense money. Students must provide an itemized description of the project expenses on their applications.

Provide student with department accounting information.

Your student will need to know your department accountant's name, email, and five digit departmental budget ID number.

Assist student with proposal review.

Share tips with your student on how research proposals are typically written in your field. Review the proposal and provide feedback before the student submits his/her application. See the proposal guidelines. 

Mentors should provide editing help but the student must write the proposal, and if you have more than one student applying, each proposal must be unique.

Assist student with the online application.

Walk through the student application with your student or be available if your student needs assistance.

Submit your faculty recommendation form online.

For UROP, you must submit a faculty mentor recommendation form online. Click the “Apply Now” button. If you fail to do this before the deadline, your student will not be eligible for UROP funding.  If you are mentoring multiple students, keep in mind that with limited funding, more than 2-3 of your students may not be able to receive funding.

For URS and GC UROP, this is sent in via e-mail. 

Complete and submit required verification forms

At the end of the project, you must submit a signed Verification of Completion form in order for your student to receive the second stipend payment. These can be e-mailed to urop@umn.edu.

Attend symposiums/presentations of your student.

It is an expectation that as a faculty mentor, you will support your student through the entire research process.  This includes attending a symposium or other venue when your student presents his/her research results.

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