Find a Mentor

Establishing a good working relationship with a faculty member is a key element in a successful research project. Your goal is to find a faculty member whose research is a match with your interests and abilities. This can take time but is well worth the effort. Keep a positive attitude and be persistent. While finding a faculty mentor can be challenging, here are some suggestions that can help you with this process.

Not sure where to start? Make an appointment with a fellow student to demystify getting started with faculty-sponsored research. They can help you figure out how to get started with research, go over deadlines and next steps, and answer questions.

Look on Departmental Websites


Look on different departmental (major/minor/program) websites for lists of faculty members, their research interests, and their recent publications. 

Search the U of M Experts Database


Search through the University of Minnesota Experts database for a mentor doing research in your interest area.

Talk to Professors and Grad Students

faculty and grad students

Ask your faculty advisor, your professors, or a teaching assistant/grad student for suggestions of faculty members who may be doing research in your interest area.

Connect with Your Director of Undergraduate Studies


Contact the UROP Coordinator for the college where you would like to do your research.

Talk to the
OUR Staff


The Office of Undergraduate Research office maintains a database with a list of all the faculty members who have sponsored research projects in the past.

How to Approach a
Faculty Member


Talking to faculty can sometimes be intimidating. We've created some tips, recommendations, and a sample email to send a faculty member to initiate a conversation about research.