GC UROP Guidelines

  1. There are no application deadlines.
  2. Students may submit an application once they have been accepted by the faculty members from one of the grants. Applications are submitted by email to munro001@umn.edu and include:
    1. an application form,
    2. three-page project proposal,
    3. and mentor recommendation form.
  3. You may not start the research until the application has been approved.
  4. If applicable, you should begin the additional approval processes or training if you intend to complete a special permission project (such as one using animal or human subjects).
  5. GC UROP awards are paid as financial aid; you must be able to accommodate the $1,500 scholarship in your financial aid package for the year.
  6. Your GC UROP project should encompass approximately 120 hours of work, typically during one semester. 
  7. You may not receive credit for your GC UROP project. 
  8. All four ending requirements should be submitted by the last day of your project as specified on your award letter. These include:
    1. final report,
    2. evaluation,
    3. presentation,
    4. and verification of completion form signed by your mentor.

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