GC UROP General Process

GC UROP is a new initiative created in conjunction with the 29 Grand Challenges Research Awards given in the fall of 2016. Students partner with U of MN faculty members on one of these research projects. Scholarships of $1,500 are awarded to those approved and are paid at the beginning and completion of the project. Each of the 29 grants is allowed two students for each of the two years of the grant.

  1. Select a Research Grant
    Look through the list of 29 research grants to see what interests you
  2. Connect with the Faculty Mentor
    Find a faculty mentor connected to one of the grants and initiate a discussion. Students must be chosen by the faculty members on one of the 29 projects; a maximum of two students for each of the two years is allowed per project.
  3. Complete Application
    Complete application materials (includes an application form, faculty mentor recommendation form, and proposal)
  4. Submit Your Application via Email
    Submit your application materials by e-mail to munro001@umn.edu. Applications may be submitted at any time. You may not start your research until approved.
  5. Recieve First Half of Scholarship
    Once approved, you will receive your first $750 in your student account at the beginning of your project.
  6. Do the Research
    Carry out your research (about 120 hours of work)
  7. Complete the Ending Requirements
    Finish your research and submit your final materials (final report, evaluation form, verification of presentation, verification of completion form signed by mentor)
  8. Receive Final Half of Scholarship
    Receive second $750 in your student account upon completion of the project and ending requirements. 

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