Grand Challenges Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (GC UROP)

The Grand Challenges Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (GC UROP) provides opportunities for undergraduates to partner with a faculty member on one of the 12 Grand Challenges research grants.

These 12 cross-disciplinary collaborations address one of the five identified areas of special focus. These include assuring clean water and sustainable ecosystems, fostering just and equitable communities, enhancing individual and community capacity for a changing world, feeding the world sustainably, and advancing health through tailored solutions. 

General GC UROP Process

general process

Learn more to see how the GC UROP application and research process works; from choosing a research grant to giving your final presentation. There are no deadlines, which means you can start this program whenever you'd like!

Program Guidelines


There are a number of rules and guidelines to keep in mind as you consider applying for a GC UROP award. Make sure you read over these guidelines to ensure you are on the right track.

Application Process

application process

The application consists of three parts: an application form, a proposal and a recommendation form submitted by your faculty mentor. All parts must be submitted via email, it is important to read about the entire process prior to applying. 

Special Permissions Projects

special permissions

If your project involves Human Subjects, Animal Subjects, Harmful or Dangerous Substances or involves Travel Abroad, you need to make sure you have taken the appropriate steps to get these permissions as you prepare your GC UROP application.

Key Dates

key dates

There are no application deadlines for this program. Learn more about the GC UROP presentation dates and deadlines.



A GC UROP award includes a research scholarship of $1,500 for 120 hours of research that is paid through financial aid. There is no expense money provided in this program, as all expenses are paid by the grant itself.

Past Projects

past projects

See a list of past projects and project proposals by undergraduate students and their faculty mentors. 

Ending Requirements


Once you have reached the end of your 120-hour project, there are four ending requirements that must be completed in order for you to complete your GC UROP and receive the final $750 of your scholarship.

Research Grants

apply online

Read about this year's research grants and select some that you may be interested in working on. Once you have decided on one, contact the Office of Undergraduate Research to get connected with the faculty mentor leading the project.