Multicultural Summer Research Opportunities Program

Established in 1986, the Multicultural Summer Research Opportunities Program (MSROP) at the University of Minnesota provides underrepresented undergraduates an opportunity to develop research skills and prepare for research-based graduate programs during an intensive ten-week summer program.

In this summer experience, students work full-time with a faculty mentor on an individual basis or as part of a research team, on a research project. Simultaneously, participants attend a series of seminars regarding graduate school preparation and research skill development. Such involvement is expected to improve the quality of the participants’ undergraduate experiences, to enhance the likelihood of their completing bachelor’s degrees, and to attract larger numbers of prepared underrepresented students to research-based graduate programs.

Program Overview

general process

The MSROP program focuses on three principal components (Faculty Mentorship, Graduate School Preparation, Research Skill Development) in the course of the ten-week period. Learn more about each focus.

Program Structure


MSROP is structured to include research, seminars, presentations, final paper, and an exit interview over the course of the 10-week program.

Program Eligibility


The intent and goal of MSROP is to prepare racial minorities and Native Americans for graduate school. We encourage applications from diverse sophomores, juniors, and seniors (who are enrolled for at least one additional semester after the summer program) from any academic department and University of Minnesota college campus.

Application Process

application process

The application consists of two parts: an application form and a recommendation form submitted by your faculty mentor. All parts must be submitted via email prior to the deadline.

Key Dates

key dates

Learn more about the MSROP application deadline and program dates.



Each student will receive a $4,000 stipend for personal and research expenses. An additional research stipend is assigned to the faculty mentor for use by the student.

Past Projects

past projects

See a list of past projects and project proposals by undergraduate students and their faculty mentors. 

Ending Requirements


Students are required to complete their final paper, final presentation, an exit interview and an evaluation of the program prior to receiving their final stipend check.