Current UROP Students

If you are currently completing a research project through UROP, it is important that you understand how the scholarships will be paid and details about the expenses of your project. Information on applying for a time extension and your ending requirements is also included here.

Scholarship Award

The stipend portion of your award will be paid in two payments to your student financial aid account as scholarship money. You will receive an initial $750 at the start of the semester in which your project begins. You will receive the final $750 of the award when you have completed the four ending requirements.

If you are graduating at the end of your project, you MUST have all requirements completed by the end of the month prior to graduation or you will forfeit the final $750 of your award.

Term of Graduation Requirements Deadline
Fall Graduation November 30
Spring Graduation April 30
Summer Graduation July 31


All UROP expenses are handled through your faculty mentor's department. The accounting team receives a copy of your approved expenses.  Your award letter lists the contact person in the department, and any disbursement questions should be directed to them.

Extension Request

The start and end dates of your project are listed in your award letter. If you have not completed all project work and requirements and your end date is approaching, you will need to file an extension before your original ending date has passed. An extension will be approved only once and only for one semester.

File an Extension Request

Ending Requirements

Once you have reached the end of your project, there are four ending requirements that must be completed in order for you to receive the final $750 of your stipend.