Why Do Research?

The University of Minnesota is one of the world’s great research universities. On our campuses, at our field stations and in our communities, thousands of students, faculty and staff create new knowledge and develop new examples of human expression each and every day.

By doing research, you will:
Gain hands-on experience Become an expert in your field Build skills and learn new technologies Explore potential careers
Form mentoring relationships with faculty members Collaborate with other members of your research group Prepare yourself for a job or graduate study Become a Discoverer!

The U is Driven to Discover!

We have 3,500 faculty members engaged in cutting-edge research; you can take part in this vital, exciting enterprise! Our faculty are engaged in creative and scholarly activity in the arts, humanities, business, and physical and social sciences: you can do research in any of these areas! 

You will journey from a knowledge gatherer to a knowledge generator. You'll help solve the world's grand challenges: everything from poverty to cancer to climate change.