Why should I participate in undergraduate research?
You will gain some hands-on experience in a field that interests you while getting to know a faculty member and be a part of a research group. You will build new skills and learn new technologies. You will better prepare yourself for the next step: graduate school? a work experience?

Who can participate in UROP?
Any U of MN undergraduate in a degree program in good academic standing may apply for a UROP award. How do I get started? Check out the “Get Started” link on the UROP web. You can also contact the UROP Office with questions.

Where do I find a faculty mentor?
Good places to start include departmental web sites (faculty research pages), the Director of Undergraduate Studies for your major, the UROP Office and Experts@UMN. The UROP Office can guide you through this process as can the UROP Coordinator for your particular college.

Who can be a faculty mentor?
Anyone with a faculty appointment at the University of Minnesota may mentor a UROP. It doesn’t have to be a faculty member in your major, college or campus. You are looking for someone with expertise related to the project you want to do. Graduate students cannot be faculty mentors.

Do I have to come up with my own reserach project?
No, you can work with a faculty member on his/her research project. However, you are also welcome to come up with your own idea.

Can I get funding for my honors thesis?
Your UROP project and your honors thesis project may be parts of a larger project but they may not overlap unless you are only applying for UROP expense money. The UROP final report and presentation must be separate and unique from your Honors thesis.

Do I have to have a certain GPA to participate in UROP?
No. You have to be in good academic standing (not on academic probation) and it helps to have a good record of course completion and success. However, UROP does not have a GPA requirement.

Can I get UROP funding if I am doing my research project for credit?
You may apply for the $300 in expense money but you cannot get the stipend if your project is for credit.

Can I work on a group project?
Yes, a group of applicants may apply to work together on a project. However, each one must submit a separate and unique application. Each applicant will be judged individually so there is no guarantee that all the group members will receive funding.

If I am not a U.S. citizen, can I participate in UROP?
Yes. As long as you can accept a scholarship, you can participate in UROP. Many International students have already participated in this program.

UROP Awardees

How do I access my expense money?
UROP expense money runs through your faculty mentor’s departmental budget. Talk to the accountant in this department. The accounting team was sent a copy of your approved expenses and will help you access them.

How do I access my stipend?
UROP stipends are awarded through financial aid. You will receive the first half of your stipend at the beginning of your project and the other half when you have completed all ending requirements. This is deposited directly into your student account and is part of your financial aid package.

Can I apply for another UROP before I finish my first?
Yes, you may apply for an additional UROP while working on one but you cannot get final approval until the first one is completed and all ending requirements are turned in.

How do I apply for an extension?
Extension forms are in the UROP forms page on the web. Students may apply once for a one semester extension provided they are completely done with all requirements before graduation.

Can I get additional funding to attend a conference?
UROP expense funds may be used to present at (not merely attend) a conference. Additional, one-time travel funds are sometimes available if you have been accepted at a conference. Contact the UROP Office for more information.


Can I be a mentor if I am not a faculty member?
Graduate students cannot be primary mentors. Those with P&A appointments may be able to mentor a student. Colleges will make the decision on an individual basis depending on your appointment and regular duties. Contact the UROP Office about your eligibility. Adjunct and Emeritus faculty at the U of MN are eligible and encouraged to mentor UROP students.

Can I mentor more than one student at a time?
Yes, you can mentor more than one student each funding round. A separate and unique faculty recommendation form must be submitted for each applicant you are mentoring. In rounds where there is limited funding, approvals may be limited per faculty mentor.

What are my responsibilities as a UROP mentor?
Your role is to guide your student through the research process. This includes regular meetings with the student as well as providing space and supplies if necessary. At the beginning of the project, you and your student should agree on expectations and working arrangements.